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Yibin, look across the river, that is in front of Mount Tianzhu, thousands of feet high mountains, steep natural stands, folk custom called "reminder Branch Hill." According to legend, if the stone rolled down the mountain, that is someone in Yibin Imperial, so Hill has always been known as feng shui mountain Yibin, Yibin indeed they have the aura of this mountain, literati times out, as of the beginning of the feudal imperial examination system, Yibin total Scholars 40 people, especially public Cheng Xu, Chenggong Yue, Cheng Gongshuo topped the standings with three brothers Song Jiading four years (AD 1211) Scholars, three-shaken. Yibin also be described as a greater odds of Hope.
Tianzhu Mountain Oasis and aroma, in the foothills of the Department of Culture of the name of a river creek. Riverbank towering rock formations, Xun Mountain of scattered, negative mountain with river, day sails heavy, late to Mitsue fishing boat. For thousands of years people are Yibin recreation for the community. The highest rocks as "Taiwan will be."
To "point sets", which have close historical ties and the development of the Southwest. According to legend, the Three Kingdoms period, Liu Bei Crusade Sun Wu, Shu empty, so "all four counties of South Africa and rebel." Liu Bei died Crusade hastily withdraw troops, Zhuge Liang Nanzheng troops back to Chengdu organizations Yunnan, Guizhou four counties, which in turn Yibin left a series of "Three Kingdoms culture."
Zhuge Liang Nanzheng soldiers Yibin times hampered, they stationed themselves Esa, soldiers day and night. During the day teams of horsemen in northern swagger over, Ma team, white team, colorful, neat and teams take turns to. Night torches blowing in riverbank flow, resulting in powerful army force. Zhuge Liang's military genius are actually performing. The horse is painted colors, from riverbank swagger past, look at the display to the enemy. After Bypass Tianzhushan five miles away, there is a natural swamp, in the swamp wash again after the horse Figure dyed another color. So future generations will call this swamp as "Seba pool", has so far not changed. The biggest piece of the highest point of rock climbing Zhuge Liang, will name "will be Taiwan", Zhuge Liang night view of the stars in front of the hill cloth army "View Doosan." Zhuge Liang wisdom conquer public enemy, "seven escapement" story also produced in the war in. To commemorate him, the construction of the station near the point, "the prime minister Temple." Now save the "Temple prime minister," Department of Ching Ming period (1506 - 1621) prefect Hu Feng rehabilitation. Hu Feng temple built later transferred to Songpan to go, then came back to Yibin, she has written a poem commemorating: "Songpan things Xu cast busy, too worship the Ancestral Yang Tao Yan bow hand first public worship no other language, his life just flat pretty useless. "This temple before a boulder, level as Yan, when rain is full, twenty miles south of Yibin black tower outside of Seven Mountain, just which reflected the formation of large Solidago such as rafters, said:" pen Danchi " , one of the eight wonders of Yibin to Zhuge Liang Zheng left traces of South Africa, formed Yibin "Three culture."
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