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The eight ancient Yibin of the two king in my garden

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  • Liushang Qushui

    Northern Song Dynasty poet, calligrapher Huang Ting-jung when living off the state, imitation Wang Xizhi "Orchid Pavilion" "Liuchang Qushui" meaning, Detailed
  • Guandi Temple

    Guan Yu, Shanxi Xiezhou people AD 160--219 As the Three Kingdoms era of warlords and Commander-powerful warrior, his lifetime for Hou will, after the Detailed
  • Diaohuang Attic

    Hanging Yellow House, according to Yibin County Jiaqing edition contains: "Governance north of the river, Huang Ting hanging ancients built." Formerly Detailed
  • Dianjiang Platform

    According to legend, the Three Kingdoms period, Liu Bei Crusade Sun Wu, Shu empty, so "all four counties of South Africa and rebel." Liu Bei died Crus Detailed
  • Chengxiagn Shrine

    Prime Minister Temple, built in the Song Dynasty, began to commemorate two historical figures standing. One is the Three Kingdoms period (1700 years a Detailed
  • Pond Of Pens

    The prime minister of the Ming Dynasty shrine front of large monuments Shixian, the prime minister at the shrine of repair, but also to repair. 4.3 m Detailed
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