Yibin municipal cultural relics protection units

Sichuan Province, the cultural relics protection units of Sichuan Province

According to the artistic conception of the "Tinglan sequence" of Wang Xizhi

It has been 900 years of history

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Stream Cup pool Minjiang River Road Park is located in Yibin City on the 4th, 238.18 acres of park area, Sichuan Province is famous monuments park, the park's famous attractions stream Cup pool is the Northern Song Dynasty poet, calligrapher Huang Ting According to Wang, "Orchid Pavilion" mood, built using natural Valley, dating back over 900 years of history. It is one of the eight ancient Yibin preserved, is one of the birthplaces of wine culture best surviving. Pools take "pipa," meaning, attracted many celebrities past and present come Yake drinking poetry. Song far from surrounding rock flow Cup pool wall left Mount Huang Ting, Yangsheng other ancient aristocrats and celebrities that will remain through more than 100 stone calligraphy, dazzling, beautiful. Flow Cup pool and stone inscription was listed as heritage conservation units in Sichuan Province. Also in the flow cup pool resort Fu Weng floor, Fu Xi, Fu Weng hole, like rest of the valley, taste admonish Xuan Lai red booths, wonderful Mexican Pavilion, Ming House, Garden, hanging Yellow House and other attractions.
Monuments prime minister shrine, built in the Song Dynasty, to commemorate the Three Kingdoms period of Shu Han prime minister Zhuge Liang Nanzheng Yunnan cutting razed, via Rongzhou (now Yibin) built, dating back more than 900 years of history. Prime minister in December 1999 to repair the shrine and temple, the shrine of the Ming and Qing antique Kawaminami residential buildings, divided into the front hall, main hall, side gallery and the apse, its apse temple province is a more complete worship Guan Yu shrines. Temple prime minister in front of the front hall of a four-meter diameter giant Yan Ming Dynasty stone, called "pen Danchi," is one of the eight ancient Yibin. Temple scenic spot as well as the prime minister will be Taiwan, Zhuge Well, eight maps and other historical monuments.
In addition, the park also Guanyinge hundred temple, education longchi, released Fang and other attractions. Park the tourism service facilities, it is a set of historical culture, wine culture, three culture, Buddhist culture as a whole. Cultural heritage, natural landscape and cultural landscape are unique tourist destination.
In order to provide the public with a more casual setting, enhance the cultural connotation of the park, according to the arrangements of the city levels of government, district, starting from September 2012 to upgrade to the park.
Flow cup Pond Park area of 106,560 square meters square of this transformation, the core in order to strengthen cultural connotation Park. Huang Ting cultural area of the protection of cultural heritage on the basis of press italics style building, road, walls and other simple and elegant, and new areas such as the continuation of a poetry recital and cultural heritage; three cultural district emphasizes the point sets, the new " seven escapement "and other allusions.
Every holiday, the park accommodates the largest number of visitors was 20,000. It received an amount of around 1 million visitors each year.

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