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According to the artistic conception of the "Tinglan sequence" of Wang Xizhi

It has been 900 years of history

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Liubei Pond Park upgrade project Pictorial
The park is the general public in our region traditional leisure, life in public places, in order to improve and enhance the downtown environment and living environment, to the public to create a safe, warm, harmonious sports and leisure venues, according to "Yibin Municipal People's Government on further accelerating City Park and opinions Riverside Landscape Planning and Construction Work "(Yi Fu Fa [2012] No. 22) requirements, convection Cup Pond Park, Tianchi Park, People's Park to upgrade. Yibin Urban Park is a transformation of the city focusing on the implementation of livelihood projects, to speed up the old city is a major event, but also the attention of the masses a good thing.
September 5, 2012 morning, the flow cup Pond Park, People's Park, Tianchi Park renovation project launch ceremony was held at the People's Park west gate. Mayor Xu Jin, Municipal Committee Yu Ping, vice mayor Xie Jie and City building housing the Bureau, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, district government leaders attended the launching ceremony. Xu Jin mayor announced the upgrading of the park was officially launched. October 23, 2012 the formal construction, the construction unit is building Yibin Shi Xing limited liability company. February 5, 2013 morning flow cup Pond Park, People's Park, Tianchi Park, entrance at the opening ceremony being held at the flow cup Pond Park. Mayor Xu Jinxuan cloth flow cup Pond Park, People's Park, the park officially opened Tianchi Park, Cuiping District Committee, District Government, the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, the Municipal Forestry Bureau of Parks is responsible for people attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by the city government Secretary-General Deng avant-garde.
Yibin flow cup Pond Park original use of the area 158666m2 (238 acres), the Municipal Housing and Urban Construction Bureau conducts the planning scheme is 191000m2 (286 acres). The project is divided into: park tour road and landscape transformation; transformation of the construction entrance plaza; Park buildings renovation; service buildings and facilities; lake, pond dredging trap and hydrophilic revetment landscape transformation projects. Engineering project funds 60 million yuan.
Upgrading parks strengthen the construction of the park, re-create the main entrance of the landscape, expanding the area of contact with the city; the overall planning of the park, re-partition, build unity, considered point from the overall layout of attractions and facilities, focusing on cultural expression, do function optimization Landscape strengthened; outdated facilities for landscape issues, the use of the repair and replacement of parallel, so that outstanding results and cost savings; to create a unified whole vegetation in the park, set a different plant viewing area, status vegetation, the reserving and Planting monthly, according to local conditions avoid unnecessary waste; park river unified planning, combined with field terrain elevation, creating a combination of hydrophilic and ornamental waterfront attractions; increase parking function, improve the function of the park.

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