Stone title of the history of the long, well preserved, deep cultural heritage

The most since Song Dynasty wine culture of monuments

Song culture, wine culture, the Three Kingdoms culture here has a strong historical traces

An important part of the Yibin historical and cultural cities

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Wine in the sky, is a romantic poet;

Wine and song, is a heroic spirit;

Advise you to enter a glass of wine, it is from the people's frustration ......
On the origin of wine, have a different version, What, then it is undeniable - wine, date of birth, then a close relationship with culture.
At 28.47 degrees north latitude, 104.34 degrees east longitude of this position, the confluence of the Jinsha Pentium beautiful Minjiang River, the meandering river to the east was the beginning of the piece is called "Yangtze River."
Located on the coordinates of Yibin, there is a "Yangtze River City" in the world.
Sanjiang integrate, mountain Shueisiou, the land side, with God-given talent brewing wine. Thus, the ancient city, there has been another elegant name - wine.

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