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Northern Song Dynasty poet, calligrapher Huang Ting-jung when living off the state, imitation Wang Xizhi "Orchid Pavilion" "Liuchang Qushui" meaning, the use of natural gorge built. Pool was a nine-shaped, stand eight bench, cited chimney springs to flow, literati sit out the meantime, can flow cup drinking, poetry paid to sing. Here rock gully Qing Qi, towering old trees, quiet mood for singing of the ancient literati, is one of the eight ancient Yibin. Since the song so far, chant in praise for the variety, or high winds Chan Fu Weng, or Song build pools of victories, or nostalgia, or pregnant with emotion season, can be described fog set Van Don, Abas numerous, input on contemporary, style scene. Some poetry afterwards strangled flow cup engraved in the vicinity of the rock pool, gully, hole, valley. According to 1985 statistics, namely through 128 stone inscriptions, writing 64 pass substantially intact, the earliest dating to the Song Chun Xi stone Shigenobu (1189) year of the moment. LiuGuangdi, Zhang Daqian, Huang, Zhang Aiping, who's writing also vividly wall.
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